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Appointments are needed.

651 Manchester Road, Victoria BC, Canada


To make your visit the best it can be we ask a few simple things. The rules are simple...


Please park on the street- it is resident parking but you are visiting here so no worries.

Please turn off your cell phone once you enter the premises, and leave your shoes and jacket outside the spa room in the lobby to help keep our sanitation. You are restricted from using your phone on the biomat or in the spa room

We do NOT have shower premises for public use so please do not ask.

Our policy is underwear MUST be left on
First time visiting- please come 15 mins earlier to do paperwork 

If you are sick, or been around someone who is, please cancel your appointment and we understand.
Please respect our 24 hour cancellation policy otherwise. You are notified of this when you book a massage.


We work on the honour code and so far have been fortunate, but if there are too many no shows we will then need to start taking credit card info to hold at time of booking. When you do not show up, anther person could have taken that time slot and you cost me money. Please respect that this is my livelihood at the moment.


We do the following to protect your safety and ours:

  • All linen is changed between clients and washed using hot water only with bleach, soap and disinfectant and dryed using an anti-bacterial setting on high heat

  • We disinfect the room between clients

  • We allot a 15 min buffer between visits to have limited contact amongst clients

  • We use aromatherapy blends " Three Theives" for added protection

  • We are more than willing to wear a mask 

  • We disinfect and steam the floors nightly 

  • We ask you cancel any appointment if you are feeling unwell and will do the same


We do not share your data with anyone. Period. We accept cash or cheque and also use PayPal or etransfer for electronic transactions because they are secure and have protection policies in place.



  • You have a skin condition that may be contagious or is deemed questionable

  • You have a serious medical condition and do not have a note from your doctor

  • You do not have an appointment and just arrive at the door step

  • You make any suggestions for massage other than non-sexual massage. 

This is non-sexual professional massage only!

  • You have a pacemaker or are pregnant


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