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Deep Tissue Massage

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Good for: chronic conditions and injuries; de-stressing; detoxifying; circulation; pain relief


  • Releasing chronic tension 

  • Help improve range of motion

  • Removal of knots that cause ache and pain

  • Increased circulation

  • Pain relief and pain management



deep tissue massage victoria bc

This is a deep tissue acupressure massage using hands and sometimes tools to relieve pain and remove knots. We actually use crystals to remove the knots! Deep-tissue massage aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia. As such, it uses more intense kneading techniques than Swedish relaxation massage. This is not a relaxing type massage like Thai oil Massage as it focuses on problem areas (upper body or lower body) and strong and deep pressure is applied to remove knots etc. so this is more like an RMT massage as it is therapeutic.  However, deep tissue is not painful if done properly and I use crystals to remove the knots. Please not though that people can be slightly sore, have tenderness, or slight bruising for a few days afterwards.  For relaxation- please see Thai Oil Massage


Always speak up if you feel any discomfort due to the pressure applied. Also please drink lots of water afterwards to flush out toxins and lactic acid to prevent possible soreness the next day. Any possible soreness and any possible bruising should subside in a few days. Please keep all underwear on. 


Please book enough time

 1 hour = only focuses on one area EITHER  upper or lower body). Lower body is from lumbar or lower back downwards to feet. Upper body is from neck to lower back. 

1.5 hours = 1 hour oil  deep tissue EITHER upper or lower body and 30 min relaxation EITHER upper or lower body

 2 hours = For BOTH upper AND lower deep tissue massage 

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