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Welcome to Touch Temple (Thai Massage) Spa 


We combine massage expertise with the power of nature and the innovation of science!

Mixing old world teaching with modern-day science to give you the best of worlds!  PLUS  we allow you to customize your massage to be as unique as you are!!!

We often hear " This is the best massage of my entire life!" but words can only say so much - come try it for yourself!  See testimonials

Get a "Touch Of Thailand" 

Ultimate Massage Therapeutic Experience - Like having a massage on a warm beach in Thailand but better!

*healing powers of crystals 
*soothing of negative ions
*warmth, body balancing, and detoxification of natural infrared rays

*ADD all this plus massage in a room with Himalayan salt lamps and listening to spa music
=the best massage experience you'll ever have!

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Promotes wellness and health
foot massage and lower leg massage, with Thai reflexology that promotes wellness.

Relaxation massage to 
Blend of relaxing Swedish strokes and Thai oil massage
techniques for purposes of relaxation.
* Strictly relaxation - Does NOT remove knots and NOT for pain relief*

Add aromatherapy:
For added emotional or physical relaxation:

Warm oil massage enhanced with specific 
essential oils to promote and enhance health

Deep massage to remove knots, and help sore muscles by relieving 
aches and pain from deep muscle tension.
2 hours =  body massage plus upper AND lower body deep tissue

1.5 hours = body massage + upper OR lower body deep tissue
CHOOSE EITHER:upper OR lower body focus
upper body = neck, arms, shoulder, hands
lower body = lower back, hips, legs, ankles

1 hour = either upper OR lower body focus (no full body massage)

Green tea extract power infused into warm oil  with added essential oils 

Light relaxation massage to stimulate collagen production, promote weight loss, or enhance beauty.

Circulation and Flexibility
massage to boost circulation and  increase flexibility.

points are done in combination with other techniques 
focusing on specific areas to optimize health 

*ONLY Acupressure points and some gentle light stretching done on massage table


Health Conditions

Back pain
Neck and shoulder pain

Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis

Muscle related conditions such as spasms, strains and sprains Repetitive strain injury

Circulatory and respiratory problems

Post-injury and post surgical rehabilitation

Chronic illnesses and conditions

Stress Relief

Enhance immune function

Stress relief/stress-related conditions
Lowing stress response from reducing cortisol and helping adrenal glands

Headaches and migraines