Touch Temple (Thai) Massage Spa  

BioMat Therapeutic Massage  - Aromatherapy  Oil Massage  - Thai Acupressure Massage - 
Thai Hot Oil Massage - Deep Tissue Massage - Reflexology Foot Massage- Energy Massage
 Sound Vibe Massage - Indian Head Massage -Anti-Aging Massage- Chakra Balancing Massage

What Makes Us Different?

  • Trained and certified in massage from Thailand at world famous Watpo Massage School
  • Trained and certified in various holistic health: Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Stress Management, Corporate Wellness, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy and more.
  • We offer a unique stress management program
  • Reasonable rates for our services 
  • Experienced masseuse - guarantee to remove knots 
  • Owner operated so we care about our clients

  • Massage spa healing room is decorated as a  relaxation temple and does not resemble clinic setting for ultimate relaxation as your personal oasis get away - good for mind and body
  • Private Oasis - we only see one person at a time so you have ultimate relaxation
  • Close to downtown with free parking in front street
  • Cleanliness is paramount- linens changed between clients and washed with bleach; hands washed and sterilized between clients;  room  and lobby vacuumed and steamed daily; room disinfected/sanitized and natural live enzyme spray

  • Most massage is performed on a  biomat- a bed of amethyst crystals that has infrared and negative ion heat settings for various ailments for extra healing properties
  • Deep tissue acupressure is performed using crystals
  • We offer magnetic, frequency and infrared treatments using the power of technology - Kasani  mind machine, infrared neck and eye devices, magnetic cupping,oxygen therapy etc.