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Often we find at times in our lives that we become over-stressed! Our bodies tense up, our mind cannot relax, and our spirit loses its peace!  We know we need to do something but sometimes we need a little help. 

Touch Temple offers a stress management program that can help you become your own hero by mastering your stress. 

Stress Management Holistic Health Program Level 1:

The basic program includes components for mind, body, spirit:

  • Personal consultation to understand stress and identify your stress triggers so  you can change from a reactive approach to a proactive approach in managing stress. ( 2 hours)
  • A unique aromatherapy blend made just for you depending on your needs. (take home product)
  • Minute meditation - you will be  taught a very quick way to  meditate to still your mind ( 1/2 hour)
  • Mindful Meditation - meditation on biomat using Kasani mind machine that has over 50 different programs to change brain waves.( 1 hour)
  • Soulful Massage -  three one hour relaxation massages  combined with half hour  soul therapy. Massages begin with  a  prayer ritual  as the masseuse prays with you and for your well-being. ( you do not have to be religious) (4.5 hours)
  • Stress management teaching - teaching to help you know self- acupressure points, supplements and techniques to manage your stress levels. (5 hours)
  • End Evaluation and support materials (2 hours)

= total (15 hours)  done within one month and Aromatherapy product

Rate: $675   Introductory Sale Price $ 395

Extended Program: Level 2
The Extended program includes all of the above plus further tools and techniques for stress management based upon the holistic approach of the Holistic Wellness Wheel. ( 10 hours) Done in month 2 following basic stress management program 

Rate: $875   Introductory Sale Price $ 595 
Advanced Extended program: 
The  Advanced Extended program includes all the above plus the services of other holistic health professionals. They can include :
- personal trainer for physical well-being
- hypnotist  for  mental well-being and overcoming difficulties
- personal motivational coach for emotional well-being
-holistic health herbalist or nutritionist 
-other holistic health professionals we know- we know many so just ask us.

Rate depends on customized program but we are often able to get discounted services for you.