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Spa Etiquette & Care

Our qualified professionals combine  a  soothing  relaxing  style massage with calming, gentle strokes and firmer ancient acupressure techniques to enhance energy flow, enhance rejuvenation, and  reduce  stress.  We have both male and female masseuses and  ALL  massage is professional and non-sexual. We are certified professionals  from Watpo Thai Traditional Medical School.

Spa Etiquette: Please also see our FAQs for more details, as well as  for information about after care and our policies.

Zen Out:

We want you to relax and  to enjoy your private relaxation oasis so please turn off all cell phones while in the spa premises.
If you come a few minutes early- please come inside and wait in the lobby- someone will be out to greet you with a nice cup of green tea shortly if we did not already greet you at the door. :) We just may be making you your tea or finishing up with a customer but we will start your massage on time.


Please arrive about 10 minutes earlier than your massage time to complete paperwork the first time you come. For reoccurring visits- just let your masseuse know if there have been any changes to your health. This helps us adjust our massage to suit your body's needs. If there have been significant changes to your heath- we may ask for another form to be completed.

Please see FAQs for more information regarding cancellations

Gratuities/Tips: We appreciate tips and the normal tip guidelines are:

10% for "okay" massage
20% for " good" massage
30%  for "great" massage
more than 30% for an "excellent" massage

but of course we are grateful for any gratuity you give!  :)

Payment Methods: We accept cash or cheque on premises. If you wish to pay by credit card, you can do so by purchasing on-line.

Precautions -Please note:

Please note that massage is not intended to cure nor treat any medical conditions and we recommend you always follow the advice of your health professional.

Massage is not recommended for certain people:
• infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds
• immediately after surgery
* We do not massage pregnant women

You will need to provide a doctor's note if:

• immediately after chemotherapy/  radiation
 •prone to blood clots
•have heart disease
We will do a customized massage if:
• bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures. 

Please see FAQs for after massage care etc.