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Reflexology & Thai Foot Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage

Good for: preventative health benefits; toxin release; mental fatigue; circulation; immune boost.

 This Type of massage originated about 2000 years ago has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese Massage. Thai Reflexology Foot massage as practice in Thailand is an ancient therapeutic technique, with origins and secrets passed down through generations by the Buddhist monks of the Thai Royal Palace.  Working with the feet, lower leg and knees, this 2000 year old, highly reputed session frees up blocked energy within the body's many sen lines (Thai-based meridians) to produce a deep and unique feeling of balance, relaxation and well-being. Reflexology is a specialized form of foot massage, during which, practitioners stimulate precise points on the feet that are believed to correlate to other organs and bodily systems. Traditionally, reflexology is believed to help correct imbalances throughout the body. But like any foot massage, it's also great for relieving tension brought on by wearing high heels or being on your feet all day.

What is it like to get reflexology?

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage is done while you relax in a chair or on a massage table.  Thai Foot Massage involves hands on massage, along with the use of a  rounded wooden stick with lotion or oil to stimulate the reflex points or energy lines. Using pressure points on your feet that correspond to different organs slight pressure is applied to feet and lower legs to stimulate organs and relieve toxins. The pressure points which reflect a complete map of the entire body and all its organs. By manipulating these different points the body and the mind are stimulated to restore the balance in that particular zone, and thereby throughout the whole body. This massage is for overall health benefits and boosting immune system.

Foot massage helps relax the feet and legs. 

Benefits: Unlike reflexology, which specifically aims to target other areas of the body, a traditional foot massage simply aims to provide relaxation to over-worked feet

How does reflexology work?

Focusing on imbalances and blockages in the body's energy field and sending corrective signals to the nervous system and releasing endorphins.

Reflexology is a bodywork technique that uses pressure points in the feet and hands in an effort to stimulate organs and systems throughout the body. Reflexology practitioners claim they can treat a wide range of maladies simply by manipulating these pressure points. The general idea is similar to that of other forms of alternative and Eastern medicine, such as acupuncture: clear blockages in the flow of the body's life force (or Qi) and healing will follow.

What does reflexology have to do with my immune system?

The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues and organs - the thymus, spleen, bone marrow and lymphatic system - that work together to protect the body.

During a Reflexology treatment all of these organs and systems are stimulated to help boost circulation and help them work optimally, thereby increasing their ability to protect the body better. A non-negligible additional benefit of Reflexology is stress reduction which positively contributes to your immune system. Reflexology also boosts the production of endorphins which are needed by immune cells receptors to function properly. Endorphins are necessary for proper immune function.


According to the Mayo Clinic, studies by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health suggest reflexology can reduce pain, anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. It also delivers many of the benefits of more traditional bodywork. Reflexology can be like a deep-tissue massage in terms of relaxing and benefits to your body.

Is there anyone who shouldn't get reflexology?

Pregnant women should put their reflexology treatments on hold. There are reflex points that can stimulate contractions. You also don't want to do anything if the foots injured, so recent foot surgery should not have massage. Those with high blood-pressure issues may also not be good candidates.

Three Temple Reflexology Massage

Head, Foot & Hand Massage (on biomat)

Good for: headaches, building immune system, relaxation, rejuvenation

Mix the secrets of East Indian Head massage, Jin Shin Do face and head massage, Thai foot and hand massage for overall health benefits to give you the best secrets of the Orient. Jin Shin Do is unique synthesis of traditional Japanese and Chinese acupressure techniques. 

Three Temple Reflexology 

You have reflexology points on your hands, feet, ears, face and head. Three Temple Massage includes a head, foot and hand massage along with the reflexology points on these areas.The head massage uses JinShin Do or Chinese acupressure points combined with East Indian style head massage.