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Secrets of Orient - Upper or Lower Body Massage

Good for: migraines,  sore shoulders, stiff neck, upper back strain, sleep troubles

In front of a computer all day? Getting migraine headaches? Have a stiff neck and shoulder soreness? Sitting too much at work? Lifting lots?

This treatment relieves discomfort with many techniques in the areas where stress and tension impact our bodies the most. This invigorating massage is excellent for those that carry upper or lower body tension and stress. 

This is a mix of acupressure and Swedish massage. Please keep all underwear on.

Choose upper or lower body

Upper = neck, head, shoulder, upper/mid back

Lower = lumbar, hips, legs

Three Temple Head, Foot & Hand Massage

Good for: headaches, building immune system, relaxation, rejuvenation

 Mix the secrets of East Indian Head massage, Jin Shin Do face and head massage, Thai foot and hand massage for overall health benefits to give you the best secrets of the Orient. Jin Shin Do is unique synthesis of traditional Japanese and Chinese acupressure techniques.