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Massage Discount Specials

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Spring Massage Specials

Touch of Thailand Promo Card
3 massages for only $100
or 5 massages for only $150

Become a regular member in 2017 to enjoy optimum massage health benefits :) 

We allow you to enjoy a Touch of Thailand ( choice of Thai reflexology foot massage, Traditional Thai massage,  or Thai oil massage (gentle relaxing massage only)
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3 for $100
To get the deal you MUST  complete the following steps
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5 for $150 
You can get an extra two massage hours for $50 if you show us:

You also shared one of our promo ads on FB 

 you are giving the two massages to one or more friends or family members via gift certificates

* Must be a past or current client  unless you have a promo card and show masseuse steps completed by second massage appointment.
Limited to one deal per person. 
* Must be paid in full at time of first booking
*ALL massage appointments must be completed within one month of purchase . There are no exceptions. All unused massage is void if not used and no refunds are given.
*Massage must be one hour in duration. You can get longer time by purchasing add-on times.Add 1/2 hour of deep tissue/acupressure $40, or 1/2 hour longer to the appointment for $30 or 1/2 hour foot massage for $30
*Can be shared with you will be given a punch card for you to manage yourself so please do not lose the card. We cannot help if if you lost your card and will consider all  unused massage as void.
You MUST book all appointments on-line yourself. We will not book them for you.
* Does NOT include any other types of massage or spa treatments. 

Does NOT include any acupressure/deep tissue massage for pain relief or focus on problem areas.

MASSAGE TYPES - what type is right for you?

Promotes health and to build immune system

Thai Reflexology foot massage includes a foot massage and lower leg massage, with Thai reflexology that promotes wellness.

Relaxation massage to
de-stress. *Does NOT remove knots*

Thai warm oil massage includes a blend of relaxing Swedish strokes and Thai oil massage techniques for purposes of relaxation.

Deep massage to remove knots and stretch sore muscles.
Meant for pain relief and to relieve  deep muscle tension. 
points are done in combination with Deep Tissue Massage techniques 
focusing on specific areas to reduce knots and relieve trouble areas

***1 hour
only focuses on ONE target 
problem area. Examples of area: sore shoulders, upper back,
lower back neck tension,
hip joints, 
leg problems

***1.5 HOURS
Choose upper OR lower body as focus)

*** 2 HOURS allows
entire full 
body massage 
(upper AND lower body)

Relaxation massage to build immune system

Enjoy a warm oil massage enhanced with specific 
essential oils to counteract the cold an flu season, as well as build your immune system..

Circulation and flexibility
Enjoy an acupressure based massage to boost circulation and remove toxins plus increase flexibility


*Female Masseuse-trained and certified from Watpo Medical Massage School in Thailand.

 *All massage is professional and Non Sexual
* We reserve the right to discontinue sale promotions at any time - if you have not already  paid and booked  your appointments you may no longer be eligible for special prices.

Customize Your Massage for Extra Pampering!

Customize your massage with add-Ons!!!

Thai Foot massage with Reflexology 30 min $30
Dry Brushing - 30 min $30
Thai Stretching- 30 min $30
Deep Tissue Acupressure -30 min $40 (one area only. eg shoulders, legs, lower back, neck/scalp)
Aromatherapy  - $10
Biomat Meditation - 30 min $20

Save $$$ By "Share The Love" Promotion

Take a mini Thai vacation with "Touch of Thailand"  Massages
* Thai Foot, Thai Relaxation Oil, Thai Acupressure, or Traditional Thai Massage" 

Best Massage in Victoria BC

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 *you must print and show us proof at appointment to get discount*
1) Love yourself through stress management by purchasing $150 or more of either product - Vitamin Support System or Hair Growth Support System
2) Complete massage within month of product purchase to get your next massage for $40

*Limit one per customer*

*See below for more info*
Are you a stressed out college or university student??
Get a discount on massage!!
Show us your current valid student ID ( Uvic, Royal Roads, Camosun College, or other) and get a massage for ONLY $40!
Clothing is kept on for all massages
Choose from:
Traditional Thai massage Reflexology foot massage, or Thai Acupressure Chair Massage

Stress Management - Stress Be Gone!

No one ever needs more stress!

Please see below for ways you can get a discount on massage when you purchase products that support self stress management care. We carry both product lines - please ask about these products during your next visit!

Stress is in everyone's ;life but sometimes we may feel we have too much! I t can create havoc internally and externally on our bodies.

Good nourishment is key, along with proper sleep and exercise. One way is with a supportive vitamin system. Stress is also a factor that knowingly contributes to hair loss, in addition to hormone imbalances, chemical product use, poor diet, and ageing.. However sometimes nature produces a miracle that can promote healthy hair and even hair loss reversal.

Stress Be Gone!
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Vitamin Package System or the Natural Hair Growth System - You get a massage for ONLY $40!
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Vitamin Support System

Buy $150 or more of product

A revolutionary new way to take your vitamins- fast,effective, hassle-free! 
 Good for: weight loss, mental clarity, healthy joint function, lean muscle support,antioxidant support. 

Premium grade naturopathic formula of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids is the first and only Ultra Premium Formula ever developed! 
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Natural Hair Growth Support System

Buy $150 or more of product

Natural Hair Care Treatment Systems
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Birthday Celebration Massage Deal- You're Worth It!

Massage Deals


Celebrate your birthday by treating yourself to any massage type for only $45 for one hour. Massage needs to be booked for birthday week.

Promotional VIP Business card 

Massage Spa, Victoria BC
Bring in our special business card to get the percentage discount off a Regular Massage Price :) 
*Does not apply to spa packages, couples massage, or any facial packages/massage

*Limit one per person
*Must be used in time frame stipulated

Cannot be applied to other specials or discounted pricing