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Dry Brushing Massage 
Touch Temple, Victoria, BC, Canada

Dry Brushing on Biomat

Good for: increased circulation, removal of toxins

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Ancient beauty and health practice by almost all historical civilizations including the Native Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Ancient Indians, Russians, Turks and the Scandinavians, for various healing benefits. Some of the benefits include

* promoting proper blood circulation
* stimulating & cleansing the lymphatic system
* removing dead cells from skin
* helping the body eliminate wastes and toxins.

Dry Brushing Skin Facts

The skin helps eliminate wastes from our body. Dry brushing stimulates blood flow, sending toxins to the kidneys and colon for elimination.
Detoxification through the skin. Our skin contributes to 1/4 of the body’s detoxification each day. We perspire everyday and our sweat contains excess water, salts and toxins which are eliminated through the skin.

BENEFITS: Increased blood flow circulation from dry body brushing helps by:

  • Soft skin. Improves skin texture and promotes skin renewal from sloughing off excess dead skin.
  • Cellulite removal. Gradually diminishes the appearance of cellulite until it completely disappears.
  • Toxin removal. Stimulates proper circulation of blood and lymph, enabling wastes to be better transported from the body.
  • Skin tightening. Promotes skin tightening by increasing the circulation of blood flow which promotes supple and youthful skin.
  • Nourishes your skin. Brings nutrient filled blood to collagen-rich tissue, feeding them with vital nutrients for healthy vibrant skin.
  • Toning your body. Tones the muscles and tissues under your skin by distributing fatty deposits evenly.
  • Stimulates skin glands. Stimulates hormonal and sebaceous glands to better activate these glands and enable them carry out their functions smoothly.
  • Unclogs blocked pores. Improves skin appearance and reduced acne
  • Strengthens your immune system. Helps fight germs and eliminate toxins at a quicker rate, and helps reduce inflammatory skin conditions. 

     video: Adrenal Benefits


This massage is done on a biomat for extra benefits

CUSTOMIZE YOUR MASSAGE . Add to any Massage:
Thai Foot Reflexology -  15 min $20/30 min $30
Dry Body Brushing - 15 min $20/ 30 min $30
Thai Stretching - 15 min $20/ 30 min $30
Deep Tissue Acupressure - 15 min $20 (one area only)/ 30 min $40 (more than one area only)
Indian Head & Jin Shin Do Massage -  15 min $20/ 30 min $30
Biomat Meditation - 15 min $20/ 30 min $20
Aromatherapy -$10
Fusion Massage Choices - $20 for one, $30 for two, $40 for 3, $50 for 4 (no extra time needed)

Fusion Massage Choices:
Infrared Magnetic Therapy -  Great for sore necks (10 mins)
Mind Meditation Massage - Great for stress lease (15-20 mins)
Infrared Air Pressure  Eye Massage- Great for eye strain (10 mins)
Negative Ion Oxygen Therapy- Great for fatigue (20 mins)