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Crystal Thearpy Massage


Good for: emotional imbalances, de-stressing; detoxifying; re-setting body energies


  • Releasing chronic tension and stress

  • re-setting energy balance

  • Better emotional balance

Crystal Therapy Massage


Crystal Therapy Massage

This massage is a relaxation massage using warm oil and actual crystals to give you massage. You are also laying on a biomat which is 36 lbs of pure amethyst crystals. We have crystals for all the main charkras plus others for specific things. Don't be surprised if we alsio lay many of our crystals on or around you. All of our crystals have been attuned and are both cleansed and charged regularly. This massage has the prpose to balance your energy. 

It differs than Chakra massage  because we are not doing any work on specific chakras and the aligned ailments but instead your overall energy.

You are also in a room with over 30 salt lamps that definitely ionizes the air, and several crystals on premise.

Feel free to add aromtherapy oils to your sesion for only $10 more.

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