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COVID - Your health and safety, as well as ours, is important.

Here is what we do for protection and to have a safe environment:

- run a ultraviolet hepa filter air purifier in the room 

- use essential oils in distiller in room (Three Thieves blend that is rumored to have prevented people from getting the bubonic plague)

- the room is filled with over several Himalayan salt lamps that naturally clean the air and fill it with negative ions

- massage is done on a biomat (bed of amethyst crystals that uses infrared rays)

- we disinfect the room between clients

- steam clean the room nightly 

- laundry is done with hot water only, using bleach, cleaner and soap

****plus you can ask to have a quantum healing session at the end of your massage to boost your immune system (add 30 mins to your massage time please)**** 

- we will cancel an appointment if feeling unwell and will seek medical advice

What we expect from you:

- Please bring a mask and masseuse will also wear a mask

- Please cancel your appointment by sending a text if you feel unwell or have any recognized COVID symptoms, or have been around people who are not feeling well

- Self- quarantine if you have travelled or been around people with symptoms