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Chakra Massage

Chakra massage is having a relaxation massage done while listening to certain music to rebalance all 7 chakras. Singing bowls and quantum frequencies can also be used.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing is a program based approach 

This means we aim to reset and rebalance all chakras to obtain optimum heath

You can purchase: 

- a focused chakra session - one Chakra

- a mini refresher reset - one to three Chakras

- a complete rebalance.- All 7 Chakras (this is highly encouraged to do at least once per year)

What Are Chakras?

We all have energy centers, or chakras, in our body. A chakra is also known as a wheel or disk of spinning energy. This energy corresponds to nerve bundles and major organs. Ideally, your chakras stay open and balanced, allowing them to function well. But life happens — and for one reason or another, our chakras can become unbalanced or blocked. This can cause physical or emotional symptoms related to the blocked chakra.

What Is Included in Chakra Rebalancing Sessions?

Chakra sessions involve:

  • you laying on a biomat
  • inhaling pure oxygen
  • listening to specific solfeggio frequencies programmed for that specific chakra
  • use of chakra singing bowls and affirmations
  • and chakra essential oil blends applied to specific chi points on your body.
    You will also have selenite placed on or around your body during your session 

Focused Chakra Session - One Chakra

This focuses on ONLY one charka. 

You purchase includes focusing on  ONE chakra  for one 2 hour session

Price $70
Promo Price $60

You can purchase the essential oil blend $25 each

Chakra Refresher  Reset Session - 1 to 3 Chakras

This focusses on a mini re-set for up to three chakras. Three sessions @1 hour each.

Price $200
Promo Price $180

You need to do all three sessions within 3 weeks @ 1 per week

Complete Chakra Rebalance Session-  All 7 Chakras

This focusses on resetting and rebalancing ALL your chakras. It contains 7 sessions for a total of 7 hours. 3 sessions are 2 hours each and the last session is a hour our session. You receive half an hour of free guidance and how to continue and a mini head massage.

Price $500
Promo Price $450

You need to do all  sessions within 2 months.

PLEASE NOTE- Your schedule for your sessions will be made at the time of purchase. Due to the extensive setup needed for your sessions, we request that  you not change your appointments. 

Chakra Massage

You will be allowed to add massage at a discount to one of your sessions. The massage must be made at the same time as your session booking.

The massage will be done to music to reset all 7 chakras and singing bowls may be used