Touch Temple (Thai) Massage Spa  

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Thai Hot Oil Massage - Deep Tissue Massage - Reflexology Foot Massage- Energy Massage
 Sound Vibe Massage - Indian Head Massage -Anti-Aging Massage- Chakra Balancing Massage

Our and Your Health & Safety Are Our Top Concern 
For added precaution during this time we disinfect the entire room and lobby between customers. 
Extra things for heath and safety INCLUDE:
 - the room is full of salt lamps (over 30)
-we run an ultraviolet air cleaner in the spa room
-the biomat uses negative ions and infrared heat
-we use a live enzyme cleaner in addition to Lysol to clean
-we use essential oils known to kill viruses
- we bleach all our linen and added extra powerful industrial cleaners when washing only on the highest temperature of hot water
-we have a quantum healer that uses frequencies to kill infections of all kinds, including viruses
PLEASE DO NOT BOOK MASSAGE  if you or friends/family have any COVID symptoms.  If you are felling unwell please also cancel appointments by sending a text to 250 889 0038.
Please also bring own face mask. Masseuse can also be wear face covering.
We are following the guidelines given via this link


  • You have a skin condition that may be contagious or is deemed questionable
  • You have a serious medical condition and do not have a note from your doctor
  • You do not have an appointment and just arrive at the door step
  • You make any suggestions for massage other than non-sexual massage. 
This is non-sexual massage only!
  • You have a pacemaker or are pregnant

(Min 24 hours in advance to save)

NOTE: MASSAGE ON-LINE BOOKING IS BASED ON GOOD FAITH. If you do not show up to our appointment and do not send a cancellation text 24 hours in advance to cancel - we DO monitor and you will be REFUSED to book on-line in the future to get any price discounts or allowed promotional offers.